WordPress CDN solution: a tip to speed up your site

Speed Test Europe deconf.com

The site speed will always have a huge impact on users’ experience and finally on the success of your website. It really doesn’t matter how cool your website is or how many neat features it has, because your visitors will always care […]

New features in Google Analytics Dashboard 4.4 for WordPress

GADWP 4.4 Location Report

We’ve talked last month, in an earlier post, about some imminent updates in Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress. This post included details about new cool features and user experience improvements available in GADWP frontend component. In Google Analytics Dashboard version 4.4 part of these improvements and […]

Tips to improve Google Analytics data accuracy

Google Analytics Exclude bots and spiders

After installing Google Analytics on a website you should start thinking about ways to improve your analytics data accuracy. Google Analytics provides some smart tools allowing you to easily exclude well-known robots / spiders, to exclude traffic from your own […]

Upcoming updates to Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress Reports

The upcoming updates to Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress will all be about improving user experience. The first set of updates will tackle the front-end UX while the following ones will try to bring some UX improvements to back-end. You’ve […]