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Jos Flachs asked 3 months ago

I’m still have the problem that I can’t get my dashboard validated. When I enter the code, I get this error:

Error: Error calling GET (400) Invalid value ‘ga:
  Error: Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes – Documentation Page
‘. Values must match the following regular expression: ‘ga:[0-9]+’ – Documentation Page

This is the access code (changed, for security reasons) 4/gAiGGRgJNE0Td-XROxFmj1qHAhbicZ7Eu5kZn0dXb7A

2 Answers
Alin Marcu Staff answered 3 months ago

Have you updated to latest version?

Jos Flachs replied 3 months ago

Yes, I think so. I downloaded and installed it 3 weeks ago. Is there a new version?

Jos Flachs answered 3 months ago

Just updated the plugin with your latest version. Works like a charm!