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Jamie asked 3 months ago

I’m thinking about setting up custom views for subdomains in GA. Is there a way to get those to show up in the plugin so that my sub-domains show the correct views?
I’m mainly concerned about the dashboard itself. Ideally what I would like to do is set up GADWP so that each subdomain points to a default view. Then on the dashboard, I could pick my custom subdomain view (which was set up in GA proper). That way, each subdomain feeds into one account, but I can see the individual subdomain’s stats.
Is this possible?

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Alin Marcu Staff answered 3 months ago

Are you talking about a WordPress network or each subdomain will be a separate WordPress install?

Jamie replied 3 months ago

each subdomain is a separate install.

Alin Marcu Staff answered 3 months ago

That’s totally fine, it will work.
You’ll probably have an unfiltered View to show you the total traffic and a filtered View for each subdomain.
Please note that the number of views per property are limited by Google to 25 (as far as I remember). You can do a quick search to double check the exact number.

Jamie replied 3 months ago

It’s definitely doable in GA 🙂 My concern is that in the GADWP dashboard itself, the dropdown list shows the ACCOUNT urls, but not views. See

So that first one that’s selected in the screenshot, — i’d like to be able to have a different VIEW of that display. “ > X subdomain, > Y subdomain”

But as of now it only looks like it displays the default view of that account.

Alin Marcu Staff answered 3 months ago

If you have multiple views, the Property will get listed multiple times, allowing you to switch between views. That list was designed before Google introducing the Views concept. Now, to display the Property and the View at the same time it’s too space consuming, I’ll have to figure out a way to implement it.
So basically you’ll get all the Views selectable, but unfortunately you won’t have a text to indicate which view you’re looking at.

Jamie replied 3 months ago

oh ok, makes sense. thank you!

Gil Poulsen answered 2 months ago

I want to second this, I think I would rather see the view name than the URL, and that way I could name my views like this:
Site 1 – All Web Site Data
Site 1 – Raw Data View
Site 2 – All Web Site Data
Site 2 – Raw Data View
Right now there is no way to know which view I am looking at in the Dashboard popup, so I just have to guess ;-( How about if you have an admin toggle that says; “In Dashboard popup, show:  |  | Site URL    |  | View Name” and we could check one or the other? Thanks, your plugin is awesome!