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Vincent asked 8 months ago

In General Settings, under “Select View” I don’t see my domain listed as an option.  I see my other domains/google properties, but this specific domain is not listed. I looked in my google properties console, and I do see the domain listed as a verified property. I even re-verified it to make sure. Why isn’t this domain showing up as an option? What do I need to do?

WordPress 4.7.1 running Storefront theme.


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Alin Marcu Staff answered 8 months ago

Clearing the authorizarion and reauthorizing will force a list refresh.

Vincent replied 8 months ago

Well, I tried this again..

I cleared the authorization, and reauthorized… still my domain doesn’t show up in the list.

I tried it again.. cleared the authorization, and this time clicked the clear cache button, and then reauthorized.. Still this domain is not showing in the list.

Alin Marcu Staff replied 8 months ago

You need to create a new Property in Google Analytics, for your new domain, have you done that?

Vincent answered 8 months ago

Yes I have created the property. I can see it there in my webmaster tools, created 1/21/17. 
Could this problem have something to do with the “coming soon” page?

Alin Marcu Staff replied 8 months ago

Webmaster Tools is unrelated the Properties and Views must be created in your Google Analytics account:

Vincent replied 8 months ago

You got it! That was the problem! I created the property in Google Analytics, and now it works. THANK YOU!