GA Dashboard conflict with WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

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Jeff asked 11 months ago

Hey Alin! We use your plugin on every install we create, it’s intuitive & easy to use, well done!
We recently installed WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro on our own site & as soon as we did so, your GA Dashboard plugin keeps falling out of authorization. Is there a fix for this?

Alin Marcu Staff replied 11 months ago

Unfortunately I had these reports before and since the code of that plugin isn’t opensourced I’m unable to test it and identify the issue. I suspect some sort of conflict, and the only ones able to fix it are the developers of the premium plugin, since my code is opensourced.

Jeff replied 11 months ago

I submitted a ticket to Woo but have yet to hear back – cheers for the speedy reply!

Jeff replied 11 months ago

Belay that – they replied & I never got the notification. As it happens, they’ve presented a stated workaround, here:

Tobias Conrad replied 4 months ago

@Alin Marcu
Can you please rename global function also in ga-dashboard.
so we have a permanet fix.
That would help a lot.

Here is the changelog:
Do they did is already? or is it an other issue?
* Dev – Global js function renamed to use `ga` instead of `__gaTracker`

Alin Marcu Staff replied 4 months ago

I’m already using ga!

Tobias Conrad replied 4 months ago

i can sent you the plugin because it is open source under gpl3 too.
to wich email address?

Tobias Conrad replied 4 months ago


Tobias Conrad replied 4 months ago

ga issue!:
from the woo tracking plugin:
Additional Settings

JavaScript function name JavaScript function name
Set the global tracker function name. __gaTracker is deprecated and support for it will be removed in a future version. IMPORTANT: set the function name to ga only after any custom code is updated to use ga.

Tobias Conrad replied 4 months ago

the issue was that the plugin lost authentification after half a day.

Tobias Conrad replied 3 months ago


i still waiting for a nice solution from your side,
to make ga-dashboard-conflict-with-woocommerce-google-analytics-pro
a conflict of the past. yeah.

best regards from germany

Alin Marcu Staff replied 3 months ago


I’ve been trying to test it and figure out the issue. I can replicate it but I’m unable to determine the exact culprit. I couldn’t delay the v5.0 release furthermore, so it’s not fixed yet. I will look further into it and see if I can fix it. The free plugin works fine with GADWP, I’ve tested that too.

Tobias Conrad replied 2 months ago

idea. so compare the free version to the premium version and see the difference 😉
i updated the plugin file behind the dropbox link i sent you via email.
so you can test with the latest version.
may you keep an installation with woo ga pro your plugin for testing after 24 hours you see the issue.

6 Answers
Tobias Conrad answered 2 months ago

there is still an issue with google analytics pro for woocommerce as the verification of your plugin get invalid after half a day.

Alin Marcu Staff replied 2 months ago

At this moment there is no fix because I’m unable to identify the issue. From the symptoms it seems to be something related to a cronjob they are registering at some point.

Can you ask them if their API Project has access to the Google Analytics Reporting API or only the Management API?

Alin Marcu Staff answered 2 months ago

Good news,
I’ve found a way to permanently fix the conflict. V5.1 will have the fix and should be ready in a couple of days!
Thank you all for the feedback, is really appreciated.

Alin Marcu Staff answered 2 months ago

I’ve forgot to give you the link, because is available for testing:

If you’re planning to test it, let me know the results.

Jeff replied 2 months ago

Seems to be functioning properly, Alin – thanks for doing this!

Tobias Conrad answered 1 month ago

you did it last Version fixed the issue. i keep auth from google. woo tracking is working. please close issue and be proud to fix it.
i was looking for a fix since i first saw your plugin. yeah

Alin Marcu Staff answered 1 month ago

Thanks for the feedback, your insights lead to the fix!