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NB asked 4 months ago

The “Google Analytics Dashboard” is not working in a fresh install. My Joomla Version is 3.6.5, Google Analytics Dashboard Version unknown, downloaded 24th April 2017 from Deconf website.
Install was proper working, Api Autentification lead to one time working and after only showing “Could not json decode the token” for Method I and II in the Video Tutorial.
The Video Tutorial for Method II is outdated. It seems google changed the Method at all.
Will there be a working solution in the near future ? Thanks for your time and a great tool you made. I ever used it, but now im am locked out.

3 Answers
Alin Marcu Staff answered 4 months ago

It looks like the access token is now longer than 255 chars and gets truncated. An update will follow in a few days fixing the issue.
Thanks for the heads-up!

NB answered 4 months ago

Hallo again. Sorry for my impatience.
It is not up to you, but i myself have had too much promises which leads me to wait endless and groundless.
I hope your workout come without deeper problems.

Alin Marcu Staff replied 4 months ago

It has been updated last week, have you had a chance to test it?

NB answered 4 months ago

I just watched deconf website for news, so i missed that it is available at joomla extensions. Thanks for update it.
Unfortunable i had to reject installation since your project to delete the backlink warning did not pass ( )
So no test. Sorry for that.