Google Analytics Plugin doesn't work

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Mark Yates asked 8 months ago

I’m using WordPress 4.7.1 with the google analytics plugin 4.9.5
The last months it worked very well but I logged in this week and found that the dashboard report wasn’t available with error message:
This report is unavailable (400)
Now I tried to reauthorize the plugin but now I’m getting in the plugin settings the following error message:

Last Error: 2017-01-20 15:48:44: No properties were found in this account!

But I can't authorize it or get it working again.

I changed last week my Google account password maybe this is the issue? If yes, does anyone know how to get the plugin working again?

2 Answers
Alin Marcu Staff answered 8 months ago


Do you have multiple Google Analytics accounts? It’s quite common for users to authorize the plugin with the wrong account (a second account without Google Analytics). To check if you’re using the right account use this link: You should see your stats there. In case you are prompted to create a Google Analytics account, you’re probably using the wrong Google account to authorize.

Mark Yates answered 8 months ago

Oh yes! That solved the problem – I’m an idiot! 
Thanks a lot for your support 🙂