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L Woods asked 8 months ago

All of the “major” counts look reasonable but there is a BIG problem with page counts.  We started the site in April, 2016.  In September, 2016 we had page counts on two pages as follows:
PV Page:  2,783
Results Page: 2,450
Also, the Page View count was 23,199.
As of today:
PV Page: 718
Results Page: 55
But the total Page Views is at 88,260, which looks very reasonable compared to September, 2016.
AND, by going to, I found:
PV Page: 11,821
Results Page: 1,456
NOTICE that Google Analytics “Result Page” is less than the September, 2016 count!!!
VERY Frustrating!

Alin Marcu Staff replied 8 months ago

Can you post some screenshots? Also it will be awesome if you could avoid acronyms and mention the exact reports you’re looking at. The plugin has a bunch of reports (Dashboard Widget, Frontend Reports, Posts/Pages Backend Reports, Sidebar Widget).


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L Woods answered 8 months ago

I have a PDF with images of the Google Analytics page and the WS Dashboard page.  Where do you want it sent????

Alin Marcu Staff replied 8 months ago

You can upload the PDF on a public files sharing server and post the link, or just post the images here.