Plugin shows more views in 30 days than in 90 days

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Peter asked 8 months ago

Plugin name / version: Google Analytics Dashboard 4.9.6
WordPress version: 4.6.3
I am getting more pageviews in last 30 days than in last 90 days – see screenshots below.
I also get even less pageviews when I choose 1 year.
My GA account is 5 years old, this is an established site.

  1. Clearing cache – doesn’t work
  2. Reconnecting my account – doesn’t work



Alin Marcu Staff replied 8 months ago

I’ll have a look and see if I can replicate it, but I’m pretty sure this is the result of some data  sampling. Google Analytics uses sampling on custom reports and probably those traffic spikes has an unexpected impact on data sampling. For details see

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Alin Marcu Staff answered 4 years ago