Possible to have different dashboard for same wordpress site ?

QUESTIONS & ANSWERSCategory: WordPressPossible to have different dashboard for same wordpress site ?
Trevor North asked 3 months ago

Is it possible to have the google analytics widget showing several times on the wordpress admin dashboard with different settings instead of having to cycle through them on the single widget ?
If it needs some custom php code, which files do i need to modify to get this to work ?
Thanks in advance

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Alin Marcu Staff answered 3 months ago

No and there are no plans for such a feature, mainly because of some technical aspects. The most important one is the number of queries generated which are limited by Google (to protect the ecosystem).
While such a feature would be nice to have it could also be a waste of resources, since not all the time you’re logging in your primary goal is to view the stats. Being placed on the dashboard they will be displayed at each login;, and each widget will increase the number of queries on Google Servers.

Trevor North replied 3 months ago

understood although for me, i am just interested in trends over time so a cached set of data that was stored in mysql and just updated daily (or with a button to allow a refresh on demand) would be sufficient. I am not sat watching this stuff every minute although i understand some people might and the concern over flooding google.

Alin Marcu Staff answered 3 months ago

It’s not about that, it’s that there are over one million active installs, and some of them networks with thousands of sites (counted as one install). You can imagine the number of users, if only half of the sites have at least two users with dashboard access.
We had at some point multiple stats displayed within the same widget, which generated lots of issues for the same reasons.
By the way, the reports are already cached, without a cache system is virtually impossible to sustain such a big plugin from a quota point of view.