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qguitare asked 3 years ago

Hi, congratulation for your nice joomla plugin… Rich Snippets is what I use since a week.
Plugin Name: Rich Snippets Joomla plugin version 2.5.1
CMS: Joomla! 3.3.6 Stable
I am trying to understand the option “Display to users” on the backend. I presume when “ON” it means that the user will get the text “5.0 on 5 based on 1 vote” and when “OFF” this text will disapear, am I right? I’ve tested it and I had unconclusive results.
It seems that I will only see the Rich Snippets in the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tools, ONLY if that option is set to “ON”.

I was hoping this plugin text “5.0 on 5 based on 1 vote” could remain invisible to users but still be detected in Google searches. From I can see it’s not possible.
Am I wrong in my assumptions?
K2 Item:
K2 Category Item layout:
Display to users: YES
Count Type: votes
Display position: bottom
Best Regards

4 Answers
qguitare answered 3 years ago

UPDATE: After doing some tests, I figured out that I needed to activate the “Vote” function from K2 in both Category and Item Layout. The “Stars” needs to be shown to the user on the frontend in order for Google Search to pick up the Rich Snippets.

qguitare answered 3 years ago

On a final Debug I get the following bug… the first article in the K2 Category Item layout has 2 sets of stars on top of each other.
Here’s the link:
…and a screen capture in attachment.
The problem occurs with the plugin Disabled as well.. so it is probably due to K2, but if you have any advices you are very welcome to give your thoughts.
Much appreciated.

Alin Marcu Staff answered 3 years ago

If you’re not using a cache system, you can leave it set to OFF, it will work, even if GSDT doesn’t report it. GSDT has a bad habit of constantly changing the user agents (that’s the main reason why is not properly detected while crawling the page).

Ali answered 7 months ago

Hi I am sorry to ask my question here. When I click Ask a question this message shows:
It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?
I use Rich Snippets Vote for Joomla 3.6.4 but Structured Data Testing Tool does not look like before How can I find this plugin works?