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ttroutindy asked 4 years ago

When I press the “Authorize Application” button, it goes to the dashboard with a new widget for the Google analytics dashboard, however the widget box is empty. Also, I noticed that the rest of the dashboard seems to have lost the ability for some of the screens to show and contextual links are broken such as clicking the screen options pull-down.

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Alin Marcu Staff answered 4 years ago

I’m running the plugin in 3 websites with WP 3.8.1. That happens when you have a fatal error, look in your PHP Error log and post any errors related to this plugin, maybe I can help you.

ttroutindy replied 4 years ago

Ok, that’s good to know. After enabling errors. I see the fatal error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Google CurlIO client requires the CURL PHP extension’

I went ahead and installed the curl extension and restarted my apache service and all is well now.
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