Earnings Dashboard for Google AdSense

As you know, Google Adsense is one of the biggest ads network in the world.

Earnings Dashboard for Google Adsense™ is a cool plugin that will install a widget in your Administration Dashboard.

This widget will display your Adsense earnings and performance reports directly on your WordPress Blog.

The following step by step video tutorial will show you how to install and setup Earnings Dashboard for Google Adsense:

If you are a web developer, you have a website generating a big amount of API requests or you are a webmaster managing multiple websites, you can create and use your own API Project (watch the following video tutorial).

Earnings Dashboard Authorization

To be able to retrieve statistics and reports from your Google Adsense account, you must authorize Earnings Dashboard to access the data stored in your account. To authorize the plugin, go to plugin’s options page Settings -> Earnings Dashboard and click Authorize Application button. If you want to authorize it with your own API Project, you will have to select the option called use your own API Project credentials and enter your own API Project credentials before proceeding to authorization.

You will be redirected to your WordPress Administration Dashboard and you will have to generate an access code using Get Access Code link. After you allow Earnings Dashboard to view and retrieve your data, an access code will be provided. Copy/Paste the access code into your WordPress Admin Dashboard, then press Save Access Code button.

The page will reload once more and a new green dashboard will be available, containing statistics and reports about your Google Adsense account, reports like:  total revenue, cost per click (CPC), number of clicks, page views, click through rate (CTR), revenue per thousand impressions (CPM).

Earnings Dashboard Settings

After authorization, a new set of settings will be available for Earnings Dashboard, you can access plugin’s option page by going to Settings -> Earnings Dashboard.

Access level settings enables you to share your reports with your contributors, editors or authors. Depending on the level you choose, users from that specific user level will be able to view Adsense Reports in a dashboard on their Administration board.

Additional Settings for Earnings Dashboard

Using these settings, additional data like Custom Channels Performance and Ad Units Performance will be displayed in a table. This is a great feature, giving some quick insights about your channels and ad units performance for a specific date or a period.

The Cache System will help improve dashboard’s loading speeds. Because Google Adsense reports are not updated in real-time, an interval of two hours will work great and will avoid server overloads.

Google Adsense Time Zone

This feature was recently introduced, because Google Adsense can now generate reports based on PST time zone or based on a user selected time zone. With this feature you can choose to display your reports using the billing time zone or using your account’s time zone. You can set your desired time zone in your Google Adsense account by going to Home -> Account Settings and set the appropriate value for the Time Zone option on your Account Information tab.

Use the Save Options button, to properly save plugin’s configuration, each time you make changes on plugin’s options page.

Plugin Download
Using this plugin and the free Google Adsense Management API you will be able to display statistics and reports about your current Adsense earnings, in a widget, inside your Administration Dashboard.

To find more details on how this extension works and how your data is used, read Data Usage Policy for my Extensions.