Tips to improve Google Analytics data accuracy

Google Analytics Exclude bots and spiders

After installing Google Analytics on a website you should start thinking about ways to improve your analytics data accuracy. Google Analytics provides some smart tools allowing you to easily exclude well-known robots / spiders, to exclude traffic from your own […]

Shellshock security patch for Ubuntu

Shellshock Security Test

Shellshock vulnerability is another reason for which we should never say “impossible” when it comes to security. The shellshock vulnerability dates back to bash version 1.13 and exploits the way bash shell handles environment variables. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability by driving […]

AdSense earnings drop after moving to HTTPS / SSL

Google AdSense and HTTPS compatibility

Here are the results of moving the entire site to HTTPS / SSL. Surprisingly, the HTTPS migration didn’t have a negative impact on my page loading speeds. My website is loading fast despite what other people have to say about […]