What is Linux and what can be used for

Linux a reliable and stable operating system

CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu are some of the most popular Linux distributions providing desktop and server versions of this operating system.

Linux distributions focus on stability and reliability leaving popularity among regular users on a second plan. This is why many regular users prefer Windows when it comes to using an operating system on a home computer.

Few know that most Linux distributions are open source and are offered free, without paying a license as they usually do for Windows operating systems.

Although not very popular among home users, Linux is found in many fields and regular users interact indirectly with this operating system on a daily basis.

Where you can find Linux operating system?

1.Internet – 65% of web servers are based on Apache. Most servers using Apache are Linux servers.

2.Networking – a very high percentage of routers and networking equipment is using Linux, if you have a router at home or at work it is very likely to run on Linux.

3.Cars and Automotive Industry – a series of safety systems, GPS navigation and multimedia systems are based on a Linux operating system.

4.Multimedia and TV – many receivers, televisions and home multimedia systems have a Linux operating system.

5.Mobile Phones – Android is an operating system for smartphones that is based on a Linux kernel. Many IP Phones are using Linux.

6. Robots and Automation – Industrial robots, CNC machines and robotics in general use operating systems that are based on Linux.

On the market you can find lots of tablets, PDAs and notebooks that have Linux pre-installed.

Why end users don’t choose Linux?

It is a vicious circle, Windows is very common among end users, so end-user applications are primarily designed to run on Windows.

Those who try to use Linux quickly give up because many of the programs they previously used does not run on Linux.

Why developers choose Linux for embedded devices and services?

It’s simple, zero-cost licensing, open source code that can be modified as needed, a community of professionals who offer free support, reliability and stability.

When using an embedded device the end-user interacts with the device functionality and not the operating system. This allows developers to choose an operating system that is reliable, robust and cost efficient.

The same happens with a web service, the user interacts directly with the website page allowing the developer to choose their preferred operating system.