Yahoo Messenger connection problems

Yahoo Messenger generates a number of connection errors, errors that may have several causes.

As I wrote in previous articles, yahoo messenger connection problems may occur due to:

– Multiple incorrect password entries. This problem can be solved relatively easily by accessing Yahoo Mail and typing the CAPTCHA code required at login 

– Network misconfiguration or network restrictions which can be corrected only by a network administrator

– Antivirus, malwares or other applications which can block Yahoo Messenger 

Probleme conectare Yahoo Messenger

In this article we’ll discuss about Yahoo Messenger sign in errors generated by certificates.

As in the above cases, if a certificate error occurs, Yahoo Messenger reports a Sign In problem, without offering further information about the error.

To correct certificate errors, that prevent you to sign in to yahoo messenger, check the computer’s date and time.  Wrong date and time are the main reasons causing incorrect interpretation of a valid certificate.

Verifying the date and time is relatively easy. Date and time settings can be accessed, in Windows, by double-clicking the clock in the lower right corner of your desktop/screen.

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