Clicky Analytics Dashboard for Joomla

Clicky Analytics is a web analytics service from Roxr Software Ltd that can track and generate statistics about visitors from a website, at IP level. Clicky Analytics can generate statistics about: visits, visitors, page views, bounce rates, organic searches, referrers, goals and conversions. Clicky Analytics also provides features like real-time analytics, username tracking, heatmaps, on-site analytics and uptime monitoring.

To find out more about this awesome analytics service and its features read my Clicky Analytics review.

Clicky Analytics Dashboard is a Joomla! module that will display Clicky Analytics data on your website backend. Analytics data, provided through Clicky analytics API, is integrated into a simple dashboard in your Administration Panel.

Clicky Analytics Dashboard

How to install and setup Clicky Analytics Dashboard

- download:  Clicky Analytics Dashboard

- unzip it and open your Joomla Administration Panel, go to Extensions -> Extension Manager, select Choose File, select the file downloaded above and choose Upload & Install

- after installation, go to Extensions -> Module Manager, for filters choose Administrator instead of Site and search for the module called Clicky Analytics Dashboard

- in module settings, set Position to Control Panel and Status to Published

- go to Options and enter your Site ID and Site Key

How to find your Site ID and Site Key for Clicky Analytics API?

- log in to your Clicky Analytics account, if you don’t have one you can create it for free on

- select your website and go to Preferences (see picture bellow)

Clicky Analytics Dashboard - Site Key, Site ID

- copy/paste Site ID and Site Key in to Clicky Analytics Dashboard and click Save & Close

- if the above steps were correct, Clicky Analytics Dashboard should start displaying data on System -> Control Panel

For further support use our forum: Module Support

To start tracking data with Clicky Analytics, you need to install the corresponding tracking code in to your Joomla! website, using this plugin: Clicky Tracking Code for Joomla!