Clicky Analytics Dashboard for Joomla

Clicky Analytics is a web analytics service from Roxr Software Ltd that can track and generate statistics about visitors from a website, at IP level. With Clicky Analytics you can collect statistics about: visits, visitors, page views, bounce rates, organic searches, referrers, goals and conversions. Clicky Analytics also provides features like real-time analytics, username tracking, heatmaps, on-site analytics and uptime monitoring.

To find out more about this awesome analytics service and its features read my Clicky Analytics review.

Clicky Analytics Dashboard is a Joomla! module that will display Clicky Analytics data on your website backend. Analytics data, provided through Clicky analytics API, is integrated into a simple dashboard in your Administration Panel.

How to install and setup Clicky Analytics Dashboard

Note: In Joomla 3.x you can use the Bootstrap Size option to control the width of the module (you can find this option in module’s settings, under Advanced tab)

How to find your Site ID and Site Key for Clicky Analytics API?

To start tracking data with Clicky Analytics, you need to install the corresponding tracking code in to your Joomla! website, using this plugin: Clicky Tracking Code for Joomla!

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