Clicky Analytics Plugin for WordPress

This plugin automatically inserts Clicky Web Analytics tracking code in your WordPress pages and displays your Clicky Web Analytics statistics and data in a widget, on your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Clicky Web Analytics is an analytics tracking service having some cool features like: users track at IP level, track usernames, track emails, responsive heatmaps, real-time analytics embedded on your website, spy, real-time reports. You can find more info about this service on my Clicky Analytics Review.

If you don’t have a Clicky Analytics account you should create one here: Clicky Analytics Account. To properly setup your Clicky Analytics plugin watch this step by step video tutorial:

Access to Clicky Analytics API

To allow Clicky Analytics Dashboard to retrieve and display your reports you will have to enter your Clicky Web Analytics Site ID and Site Key. To find your Site ID and Site Key go to your Clicky account, select your website and select Preferences tab. This step is also presented in the video tutorial from above.

Clicky Analytics Dashboard access levels

If you need to share your clicky analytics data with your team, your employees or your partners, the Access Level section handles this kind of needs, allowing you to share your reports with your contributors, editors or authors. If you enable this feature, the users from the user level selected will be able to see the Clicky Analytics dashboard, as you do, on their administration area.

Frontend Settings

By enabling show page visits and top searches in frontend users, from selected access level, will be able to view insights and have a quick overview, at the end of each article, on how a specific article is performing.

Backend Settings

Three features are available in this section. If you enable them, three additional tables will be displayed on your dashboard, containing info about: your top pages, your top referrers and your top searches.

Cache Settings

The cache system makes sure that you make a reasonable number of requests on Clicky API servers, avoiding service overloads. I know, Clicky Analytics is a real-time service, but a minimum refresh period of 30 minutes is good enough for a quick stats overview. This value will not affect the Online feature from Clicky Analytics Dashboard.

Clicky Analytics tracking:

If you already have a Clicky tracking plugin or your theme handles Clicky tracking by default, you can choose to disable tracking. Be aware, if you disable the tracking feature you will lose some cool tracking capabilities, which only this plugin provides, capabilities like those presented below.

If you check the Track Usernames box, the plugin will attach the username of a logged in user to its session. Additional data, like e-mail addresses, can be attached to a Clicky Analytics session using the Track Emails option.

If your site uses redirects for outbound links, instead of links that point directly to their external source (this is popular with affiliate links), then you’ll need to use the Outbound Link Patterns field to set additional patterns to look for when automatically tracking links. Multiple patterns will be separated by commas (eg. /out/,/go/).

If you have a featured website, with video content, you can track user’s interactions with your YouTube or HTML5 video players, by enabling track Youtube videos and/or track HTML5 videos options.

Reports on Clicky Analytics Dashboard

Plugin Download

After making the above settings, save the plugin’s configuration by pressing the Update Options button.

If you go back to your administration dashboard, an orange chart will load (see picture from above), containing reports and charts about: online users, visitors, actions, average actions per visit, time average per visit and bounce rates.

A dedicated dashboard is also available. To view this dashboard, go to administration panel and click on Dashboard -> Clicky Analytics.

This plugin is WPMU / WP Network compatible.
Some features like video tracking and custom tracking (usernames and e-mails) will require a Clicky Analytics Pro Account.