Clicky Analytics Widget for Joomla

Clicky Web Analytics Widget for Joomla

Clicky Analytics Widget is a Joomla! module that will display your Site Analytics Dashboard on your website backend. This module integrates Clicky Analytics on your Admin Control Panel using analytics data provided by Clicky Web Analytics.

Using Clicky Analytics Widget you will be able to view real-time website analytics directly from your Admin Control Panel.

Clicky Analytics Widget for Joomla

Install and FAQ:

First of all, to be able to display Site Analytics, you will need to have a Clicky Account.

Use this plugin to install the Clicky tracking code on your website: Clicky Tracking Code

Download Clicky Analytics Widget and install it on your website.

Go to Tools -> Module Manager, select Administrator, find the Clicky Analytics Widget module.

On module parameters enter your Site Name, Site ID, Site key, Flashy Widget Key.

To find out your Site ID and Site Key go to -> Preferences -> Widgets

To get your Flashy Widget Key, go to Flashy widget, from generated code, copy the string between &sitekey= and &w=

For module position choose cpanel, publish the module and Save.

To see your website analitycs, directly from site backend, go to Site -> Control Panel and expand your Clicky Analitycs Widget

You can register for a free Clicky account on

Clicky Real-Time Analytics

iGoogle was retired on November 1, 2013, I recommend using this module Clicky Analytics Dashboard, instead.
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