Google Tag Manager for Joomla

G Tag Manager is a Joomla! plugin which inserts a Google Tag Manager Container in your website template.

With G Tag Manager plugin and Google Tag Manager service you will be able to manage, organize and keep versions of your code snippets and tags.

Using this service you won’t need to contact your webmaster or hire a freelancer each time you need to insert a new tracking code, a new tag or a new javascript snippet.

Google Tag Manager (also known as GTM) main benefits:

– allows users to easily manage, organize, modify tags and custom HTML codes on their websites

– provides asynchronous tag loading, the tags and code snippets will be loaded without slowing down the user-visible part of the page

– users can modify or add new code snippets, javascripts, custom html codes or tags to a website without rewriting site code

– to avoid errors, provides tools like Preview Mode, Debug Console and Version History

Using this service, you can now asynchronously load in a organized and faster manner your tracking codes like Clicky, Google Analytics, OWA, Piwik, Chartbeats, Quantcast, your marketing tags like AdWords Conversion Tracking or any other custom HTML code.

Setting up G Tag Manager is quite simple:

– follow the above video tutorial to properly setup a container and your code snippets

– install G Tag Manager, open plugin’s options, insert your Container ID, publish and save the plugin configuration

– to find the Container ID go to GTM website, open your Container, go to Versions, select the last version published and copy the code named Container Public ID (see the picture bellow)

Google Tag Manager Setup

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