Reset the password of a D-Link DIR-615 router

If you have forgotten the password of a D-link DIR-615 router, you must reset the router to factory settings. This process will change all settings back to the factory defaults and any custom settings made by user will be lost forever. 

D-link DIR-615 reset password

Before resetting to factory defaults, if you don’t have the original manual, is recommended that you download a user manual for the D-link DIR-615 router.

To reset the password of a D-Link DIR-615 router, you should follow the steps below:

– locate the RESET button (RESET button can be found on the back of the router, near the power jack)

– while router is on, using a paperclip, press RESET button for 10 seconds

– release the button and wait 30-60 seconds, during this time the router D-Link DIR-615 will reboot

– access the web interface of the router using the IP (write in Internet Explorer or any other WebBrowser)

– to login, use admin for username and leave the password box empty 

By resetting the router to factory defaults, the password will reset too, and you will be able to setup your router using the web interface. After reconfiguring the router, is recommended to change the default password by selecting Maintenance -> Device Administration from the main menu.

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