Asynchronous Tracking for Joomla

Website performance and page load speed plays an important role in SEO. To improve your website performance, is recommended to asynchronously load certain components, such as tracking system code.

Asynchronous Tracking is a Joomla! plugin which allows you to load the tracking code in asynchronous mode, without affecting your website performance.

Asynchronous Tracking Plugin is easy to configure and enables you to asynchronously load your Google Analytics, Chartbeat, Quantcast and/or Clicky tracking code. With this plugin, Google Analytics, Chartbeat, Quantcast and/or Clicky code will be loaded in the background, without affecting your page loading speed.

Asynchronous Tracking

Asynchronous Tracking features:

- asynchronous Google Analytics tracking code

- asynchronous tracking code

- asynchronous Quantcast tracking code

- asynchronous Chartbeat tracking code

- automatic detection of your tracking system

- easy to install and setup

In the future, we intend to add support for more tracking systems. You can suggest your favorite tracking system on our forum.

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Clicky is a Real Time Web Analytics service, an alternative to Google Analytics:

Clicky real-time Web Analytics