Google Analytics Dashboard for Joomla

Google Analytics, also known as GA, is a free service from Google that can track and generate statistics about visitors from a website. Google Analytics can generate statistics about: visits, visitors, page views, bounce rates, organic searches, referrers, advertising and conversions. Google Analytics also provides a feature for real-time analytics (at this time still a beta feature).

Note: If you don’t have a Google Analytics account you should create one before proceeding. Follow this video tutorial first: How to Set Up Google Analytics on Your Website

Google Analytics Dashboard is a Joomla! module that will display Google Analytics statistics on your website backend. Analytics data, provided through Google API, is integrated into a simple dashboard on your website backend.

Method I: This is a simple, straight-forward method, recommended for beginners and regular users.

Note: In Joomla 3.x you can use the Bootstrap Size option to control the width of the module (you can find this option in module’s settings, under Advanced tab).

Method II: Using this method you will be able to create and use your own Google Analytics API Project. This method is suitable for web developers, for websites generating a big amount of API requests or for webmasters managing multiple websites.

Create a single API Project, you can use the same API Key, Client ID and Client Secret for all your websites and to retrieve authorizations for multiple, different Google Analytics Accounts.

Using Google Charts, Google Analytics Dashboard displays info and statistics about:

– number of visits

– number of visitors

– bounce rates

– organic searches

– pages per visit

With Google Analytics Dashboard you can also display:

– visits by country on Geo Map Chart

– a list with top 24 pages, top 24 referrers, top 24 organic searches

– traffic overview on Pie Charts

Google Analytics Dashboard Geo Map

With Google Analytics Dashboard you can use data ranges as today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 14 days, last 30 days.

We recommend using the Advanced Google Analytics plugin to asynchronously load the Google Analytics tracking code and to improve your website’s speed.

To setup Google Analytics Dashboard and Google Analytics API, follow the video tutorial on this article.

Through Google Analytics Dashboard your data is collected fast and secure using OAuth2 protocol and Google Analytics API. Using a special cache system, this plugin, will improve loading speeds and reduces unnecessary requests on Google Analytics API.

From now on, you can check your GA statistics directly from your website Control Panel.

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If you are using Google AdSense Dashboard you need to disable it during the authorization process of Google Analytics Dashboard. During authorization, keep only one module active at a time.

To find more details on how this extension works and how your data is used, read Data Usage Policy for my Extensions.

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