Google Analytics Dashboard – Real-Time Reports

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP v4.2 will have an additional dashboard, capable to display Real-Time Analytics for your website.

At this time, the Real-Time tab uses a beta feature of Google Analytics Real-Time Reporting API, which is available as a developer preview in limited beta, invitation only. Because an invitation from Google Developers is needed to have access to this API, if you use Google Analytics Dashboard for WP with your own API Project you won’t be able to display Real-Time stats, at this moment.

A short demo for this feature is available below:

The Real-Time Analytics dashboard

As you can see, the Real-Time dashboard is split in three main areas.

Real time reports in google analytics dashboard plugin

The first area (form top left) will display the total number of visitors, in real-time, browsing your website.

The second area gives info about the total traffic coming from referrals, searches, social networks and direct access. In this area a new vs returning report is also displayed. If you hover the Referrals, Organic or Social link, a tooltip will show up, containing a report with more details about selected traffic source.

The third area contains a list with top N pages and the corresponding number of visitors (real-time visitors) for each page. If you hover a page link, a tooltip will indicate the page title, traffic sources and a short report for each source type.

Settings for the Real-Time feature

You can setup the maximum number of pages to be displayed on the Real-Time tab, on your administration dashboard, by going to Google Analytics -> Backend Settings -> Real-Time Settings. There is no limit for the number of pages to be displayed, but you should keep this option to a reasonable value (to avoid a negative impact on dashboard’s look and its loading speeds).

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    • Alin Marcu says

      No, to avoid lots of invalid requests, this feature will remain disabled for any third party API Projects, until Google decides to remove the Real-Time API from developer preview stage and make it public available.

  1. says

    I get as far as the get access code button on the dashboard and then get this error message:
    Error: redirect_uri_mismatch
    The redirect URI in the request: urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob did not match a registered redirect URI
    Learn more
    Request Details

    Please advise and thanks.

  2. says


    I’m a huge fan of your plugin, but i notice an issue, not really one i think, but little bit annoying, I have created 1 filter to my profil in GA (one which exclude my IP, and the default), and now in GA dashboard i see the 2 views, excepting that in the drop down menu it has the same name, but when you choose it s ok it works, but it s not easy to choose when you have big list, no way to know which filter is used.

    Thanks a lot

    • Alin Marcu says


      You’re right, I thought about adding the view name, but the problem is that Google names its default view “All Web Site Data”, which can be confusing for regular users (ex: when displaying propertyname – viewname instead of propertyname in plugin’s selection list).


  3. says

    Hi Alin,

    Thank you for your plugin! We are using our own API with real-time whitelisted. Could you give us an option within the plugin to turn on Real Time since we are using our own API? If you don’t want to allow that option within the plugin to keep from getting invalid requests, could you send me information on how to manually turn it on?

    Thank you for your time.

    Patrick Brown