The plugin doesn’t work properly after an update

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If you have any errors displayed under Google Analytics -> Errors & Debug, you should start by checking these error codes first.

If you can’t find the right answer, go to support forums and drop a question there. Try to give as many details as possible about your issue.

The plugin doesn’t work properly after an update. What should I do?

Cache related issues

If one of the plugin’s components is not working properly after the update, follow these steps:

Plugin conflicts

If the above doesn’t work, you may have a plugin conflict. There are multiple causes that can generate these conflicts, among them are plugin developers not loading the libraries properly or other related bugs. Once you’ve identified a plugin generating a conflict it would be a good idea to contact the plugin author and let him know about it.

The simplest way to debug this issue is to:

You can also check your PHP error log and try to find the conflict based on errors thrown there.