Google Analytics Dashboard for WP 4.9.4: release notes

In Google Analytics Dashboard for WP 4.9.4 we’ve introduced a brand new report which will enable you to keep track of 404 errors generated on your website. A new year-month dimension is now available to allow you to easily identify the most successful publication months of the year. We’ve also made some improvements by optimizing the cache system, by changing the way charts are loaded and by allowing you to specify a Google Maps API Key for the Locations report. In addition, we’ve fixed some bugs like: switching to get_sites() to avoid deprecation warnings in WordPress 4.6 and fixing a PHP7 notice which was preventing the Properties/Views Settings list to be properly displayed on multisite installs.

The new 404 Errors report

The 404 Errors report, introduced in GADWP 4.9.4, enables you to easily keep track of 404 errors and find the source and path of all 404 errors generated on your website.

If you’re using a localized version of WordPress or you’ve changed the default title of your 404 error pages, please update the value of 404 Page Title contains option, under Google Analytics -> Backend Settings. The default value of this option is Page Not Found.

The new Year-Month Dimension

This dimension allows further segmentation of the most successful publication years. By using it, you’ll be able to track the most successful publication months of the year.  By default this dimension is disabled. To enable it you’ll have to follow these steps:

In your Google Analytics account:

then go to WordPress and:

Other improvements and fixes