Google Analytics Dashboard for WP 4.9: release overview

In December we had a major release of Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. The 4.9 release has focused on re-writing the dashboard widget from scratch and implementing some of the feature requests and enhancement suggestions we had in the past. Even if your ideas haven’t reached the latest release, we’re constantly looking over them and the most popular ideas will always find their path into a new version. New suggestions, ideas and contributions are always welcome!

Among the many improvements we had so far in the 4.9 release, I’ll highlight the most important ones below.

Say goodbye to annoying page refreshes!

Yes, that’s right! There are no more page refreshes when you switch between various reports and date intervals in your dashboard screen. After switching the report, a blue bar will show the loading status and the contents of the widget will be populated with the newly requested report.

While this is a great feature, please note that JavaScript errors generated by other plugins can affect the widget functionality. If the widget contents are empty, you should check your dashboard screen for JavaScript errors. You can find more details about these issues on the plugin’s FAQ page.

The new Technology Reports

If you haven’t updated to 4.9.2 version yet, you should! In this release we’ve introduced five brand new technology reports, presenting a breakdown of sessions by:

Below is a screenshot of the newly added reports:

Other improvements